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Built in Africa, for Africa.

Proline is a proudly South African company and our product range is “Built in Africa, for Africa”. Our understanding of the local conditions that surround us enables us to gain a competitive advantage over other brands. Proline’s Desktop, Notebook and UPS range are manufactured and designed with a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over many years of existence in the IT Industry. Proline offers a spectrum of solutions to all vertical sectors such as home users, small businesses, corporate, educational and government amongst others. The potential of our brand is limitless and we believe that for every need there is a suitable Proline solution.

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Our product range consists of a wide range of ICT equipment

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An authentic Pinnacle brand.

27 years of affordability

Proline is an authentic Pinnacle brand, established in 1994 and recognised as one of the leading brands in Southern Africa. Over the years Proline has become well known in the South African market as a manufacturer of high quality yet affordable desktops and notebooks. In recent years Proline expanded its portfolio to include Notebooks, UPS' and a range of PC's in different form factors with great success. 

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Proline offers a wide variety of value added services to our customers, some of which are complimentary, whilst others at a nominal fee. These services ensure seamless execution of plans. At our assembly facility we are able to include relatively small effects that end up adding immense value.

Software Imaging

Proline offers a free software imaging service, customers provide the software image they require and during the assembly process all machines ordered will be loaded with that software image. Images are stored and backed up on our production storage server and all Microsoft updates are injected on request.

Product Marking

At a nominal fee, we are able to silkscreen customers’ logos on our desktop computers. This service contributes to the prevention of theft due to the fact that marked products lose their commercial value. Product markings must be used in our colour selection and limitations to the complexity of the design do exist.

Asset Tagging

Customers can provide their asset tags to us, we will add it to the serial number data and attach to the machine at no extra cost. This is a time saver and shortens execution periods considerably. Customers are also then able to provide us with asset numbers instead of serial numbers to obtain support.

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